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Save Food

Save Food Initiative

Save Food Initiative

Products nearing their expiration date within the next four days will be available for FREE at Lotus Markt.

Why It Matters

Food waste is a significant issue globally, and by participating in this program, you're contributing to a more sustainable future.

Did You Know?

The "expiry" or "best before" date isn't a deadline! It's simply a suggestion from the manufacturer about when the product is at its peak freshness.

Get Involved

Visit our store regularly to check out our "Save Food" section and help spread the word about this initiative to friends and family.

Join Us

Join us in our mission to reduce food waste and make a positive impact on our community and the environment.

Contact Us

For more information, reach out to us at

* At Lotus Markt, we constantly strive to provide the best service possible to our customers. As part of this commitment, we offer free items periodically as a token of appreciation for your continued support. However, we want to transparently communicate that there might be a delay in updating our free items stocks on our platform. This delay is due to our meticulous review process to ensure the highest quality of products for your satisfaction. Additionally, we acknowledge that providing an exact order quantity for delivery may pose a challenge at times. Our team is dedicated to assessing demand accurately to fulfill orders promptly. Yet, fluctuations in demand and unforeseen circumstances may impact the precision of our estimations.